Claim 50% OFF Face-lift Skin Tightening Treatment

Issil Beauty Spa in Plano would like to invite a select few people to receive 50% OFF Face-lift Skin Tightening Treatment with us.

What To Expect:

The Full Issil Beauty Spa Treatment

  • Consultation with a certified treatment provider who attends and addresses any and all skin concerns!

  • A cool numbing gel is applied to prevent and ease any discomfort during your treatment.

  • Your custom FaceLift Tightening Treatment targeting your concern areas are performed with our Plamere plasma skin tightening pen.

  • A HydroJelly mask is applied post treatment to hydrate skin to help retain elasticity!

  • Jade Roller facial massage performed to improve skin detox and blood flow for recovery.

  • We then round out the Face Lift Treatment off with an LED Red Light therapy mask to help reduce inflammation and keep skin looking youthful!

Issil Beauty Spa

At Issil Beauty Spa, our mission is to have each of our wonderful clients walk away with a newfound sense of confidence in both their skin and overall self.

Each of our clients’ happiness is a number one priority, as well as providing them with a personalized plan and experience.

At Issil Beauty Spa, our clients are our top priority.

We’re not just looking for a temporary solution to our client's needs, but a life-long solution that will help our clients achieve their rejuvenated skin goals, as well as an overall love for their skin.

Real Clients, Real Results
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