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At Issil Beauty Spa, our clients are our top priority. We’re not just looking for a temporary solution to our clients needs, but a life-long solution that will help our clients achieve their rejuvenated skin goals, as well as an overall love for their skin.

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Isabel Batres
Owner & Cosmetic Injector

Isabel is a Graduate from The University of North Texas, who is passionate about making her clients look and feel beautiful on both the inside and out. She is a perfectionist with an aesthetic eye, and she uses her artistic abilities to give her clients a glowing, radiant, and renewed confidence in themselves.
Isabel combines science, art, and the beauty of aesthetics to get the results her clients seek. She is a licensed, and double certified injector with specialties in Lip and Cheek augmentation using well known products such as Juvederm, and Revanesse Versa. In addition to injectables, she also specializes in Fibroblast treatments using the Plamere Plasma Pen, and is a Certified Fibroblast Trainer. 

Isabel opened Issil Beauty Spa to not only help her clients look incredible, but to also feel incredible with her personalized and kind approach to each individual procedure.

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